Respect your limits but know your capacity!

From office Athlete to professional, everybody of us was standing on a Yoga Mat before or know at least one Yoga pose.

Like i´m talking in my philosophy, a holistic approach and authenticity are my biggest value.

As individual are my clients, as diverse is our training.

Mostly i combine the useful tools from Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Pilates in one training. 

"Respect your limits but know your capacity" is my constant Guide, in training as in daily life.

Benefits from my classes:

  • Office-Athletes
    My office Yoga classes are more focued on the most common weak spots like: Back, Schoulders and Neck. Our Goal: finding inefficient Movement patterns and bringing the Practitioner from an instable, typical "Office position" back into a strong and natural Pose. 

  • People with physical issues
    Not every Yoga style is made for people with physical or mental problems. For example a mindful and caring style like Yoga Therapy can help to support the healingprocess after a injury or general pain. Therefore it builds the foundation of a more holistic training. 

  • Professional Athletes       
    appreciate my holistig approach because we combine techniques from deep stretching, Pilates and Functional Training.

  • Every level
    Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic and powerful practice focused on a organic learning process. for all kind of Yogis, my creative and humorous classes are a perfect break from the everyday life. 

  • Interested
    For everyone who wants a taste of what Yoga feels like. Drop-In Classes, Workshops and Events are a great oportunity to check out my teaching.