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My Philosophy.


"Discipline starts where motivation ends."

If we haven´t met yet, i´m Angélique Poulain, Yogateacher and Allrounder from Berlin.

Like i said before, i love movement. Constantly and full of energy i try new sports every week. But three of them found their place in my everyday life.

Yoga, Pilates and AcroYoga building my professional und private base, as Yoga philosophy became my foundation for life. 

For me it' s most important to teach authentic. Humor and professionality determ the quality of my classes and give a true and joyful atmosphere. 


Thas what my Clients say >>


In my younger ages i was a professional dancer and teacher in schools and theater. But because of the physical challenges i took yoga lessens to balance with my hard dance training. Already in my childhood i got familiar with the  philosophic lessons and in the beginning of my 20´s with the hole Lifestyle. 

Later on i did some Teacher Trainings in India, Nord-Rhein-Westfalen and Berlin to get a deeper understanding of the anatomical practice on the mat.

Till 2018 together with the inventor Toni Sarantopoulos, i organized the Agape Zoe Festival, which offers different workshops about alternative Healing methodes. 

Additional to my Trainings in Pilates, AcroYoga and Functional Training, i´m actually in the last year of my Yoga Therapie training, guidedfrom Dr. Günter Niessen and Dr. Ganesh Mohan. Here i learn all aspects of Yoga in context with physical and phsycological issues.

In the meantime i focused on personal trainings (PT´s), office groups and Athletes. The best german Athletes and a few celebreties enjoy my holistic training philosophy. 

The German Sports Support and Adidas are valued clients which im training with regularly.

So i´m stretching myself between Hamburg and Berlin, and travel through countries for different events. 

For bookings and personal trainings send me a request, for open classes check my schedule in de menu. 


Curious? Write me Mail!

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