The calm brings the power.

Pilates is often confound with Yoga, but the technique is completely different. Even if some stretching Flows help to relive lower back pain or disc prolapses, the core needs to get strengthened. 

A lot of practitioners come to my classes because they suffer from all kinds of back pain, so we focus on training which is oriented on deeper muscles.

Professional Athletes and Office-Heros take my classes or personal trainings to strenghten their "Powerhouse" (Pelvic muscles, Corsett and Spine) and get the right Balance to other activities. 

"The calm brings the power"- just as in Pilates. 

This systematic training is as efficient as complimentary and everybody should try it! 

Why Pilates? 

 Focused on the almost forgotten deeper muscles          Helps direclty with Back pain and common issues 

                                        Combines Strenght and Stretching             Everybody can join!