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The level of our joint training is based entirely on your individual wishes, but also on the needs of your body.

The intensity will be adapted to your skills and knowledge.


Important for our personal training/ test training: Due to the current hygiene regulations, I ask you for a 2G+ certificate

Personal Trainings / Workshops / Office yoga on request!

No events at the moment

*From mat into business- How you sucessfully find your way into SELF EMPLOYMENT!

This course offers all yoga teachers and movement trainers finally more clarity in the selfemployee-confusion!

Its a step-by-step guide for EVERYTHING you always wanted to know about teaching and beeing self employed.
The training is structured in two modules with a total of 7 chapters and oriernt thereby playfully to the 7 chakras.

Everything you need to know in self-employment as a trainer, but rarely taught in your education or in the professional world.

For all those who want to go from passion into profession , "Von der Matte ins Business"
(From the mat into business) is exactly what you need!

With practical exercises, a workbook and individual one-on-one sessions, we will go through everything you need to successfully master your path into the professional world as a teacher!

What to expect:

- We clarify your legal form

-EVERYTHING around the exhausting topic: German taxes

-The most necessary insurances and pension insurance

-marketing and self-promotion

-Communication and negotiations

-Website-design, social media and strategies

-Building blocks for your 3-year plan

-An individual one-on-one meeting

-Movement Breaks


This training is for you if:

-You just finished a (yoga/trainer) training or want to do one
-You want to open a studio/gym

-You have already professional experience and want to dive deeper into it

-You finally want to clarify the self-employment labyrinth

-You want to know the foundation of your profession 

In Detail:

How long?  Plan on 6-7 hours in terms of time to allow enough room for small breaks, open questions, and your one-on-one consultation.

When/How?   The training dates are usually on weekends and run over Zoom to allow as many people as possible to participate.

What? You will receive a workbook (usually printed) - because what goes through the hand, goes into the head!

How much?   The total price for material and training is 145,- Euro (VAT already included).

A discount for low-income earners is available on request.

A discount for studios/gyms is available for groups of 10 or more.

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